What We Do  

Everyone deserves to be safe. This belief is at the core of every service we offer to people who are victims—or are at risk of becoming victims—of domestic violence. We provide counseling, education, support, and advocacy. For victims (and their children) who need a safe place, we have a secure shelter.
Dangerous relationships usually start out as beautiful as healthy ones, but over time there is a pattern of abuse that escalates. One partner in an intimate relationship controls the other through force, threats, or intimidation. The abuse can be physical, psychological, emotional, verbal, sexual, and/or financial. The abuse is never the fault of the victim, and it doesn’t usually stop without intervention. Call our Hotline for confidential assistance.

We Serve Everyone

Domestic violence knows no boundaries. It affects women and men of all ages, income levels, cultures, religions, races, and sexual orientation—in cities, suburbs, and rural areas. The victim may be you or someone you know  a neighbor, friend, sister, brother, daughter, son, or co-worker.

Domestic violence is a crime. Take action to stop it. Call the Hotline if you have any concerns about your intimate partner or someone you know. Friends, family, colleagues, and others with questions about domestic violence can call the Hotline (585) 232-7353 at any time.

Your call may save a life.